Why Therapeutic Ball Release

  • Tone, strengthen and realign your body in a way that is enjoyable and extraordinarily effective.
  • Re-educate muscles and stimulate bones creating positive and permanent change.
  • Enhance ease of movement to help prevent injury.

What is Therapeutic Ball Release?

Therapeutic Ball Exercise

Using therapeutic balls designed specifically for this type of practice we create “space” and length as well as a release of both muscular and inter-connective tissue. The use of your own body weight to move or “roll” over the ball creates a mild form of traction that allows muscles and fascia to elongate and unwind. It allows you to work specific muscles in detail to create suppleness in tight areas and optimizing your range of motion and flexibility.

Once the muscles have their full length they no longer press or crowd into irritating nerves and your joints have the room they need to move freely. Regular use of this technique also encourages the connective tissue (ligaments and tendons) to also become more responsive and this triggers a release of the whole muscle group.

Often our bodies’ postural habits will create a holding pattern that we are unaware of and traditional stretching no longer seems effective. Therapeutic Ball Release gives you the tools and the knowledge to safely and permanently change these old habits and helps to realign your structural body to move with a greater sense of ease. It brings about a new awareness of movement and is an invaluable skill in maintaining a healthy body.

Movement is life to a joint - so if you want to keep living you have to keep moving.

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