A method of exercise developed in the 1920’s to symmetrically and systematically train the entire body. Pilates is a tried and true method to increase core strength, decompress the spine and develop new postural and movement habits no matter what your starting point is.

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An energy based healing therapy that has many benefits such as stress reduction and relaxation. It is non-invasive and gently encourages the body to tap into its own natural healing abilities to improve and maintain health and release physical pain.

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Active Rehabilitation

Programs developed to help individuals restore full function to muscles and joints after injury, surgery or repetitive strain. The goal of active rehab is to increase your ability to perform day to day tasks effectively without pain or fear of pain. Fitness is great but first function is necessary.

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Therapeutic Ball Release

Though the use of small therapeutic balls you learn to stretch beyond the muscles and promote myofascial  release that allows the body to elongate and unwind. All areas of the body can be freed from strain and tension, increase flexibility and help prevent injury.

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