Pilates, Reiki and Rehabiliation by Jo-Ann Sullivan

I didn't know there was such a wide range of movements for each body part. Jo-Ann Sullivan, owner of Symmetry In Motion, is a wealth of knowledge where it concerns your body. From Pilates to Thai Massage, I highly recommend Jo-Ann as your practitioner and coach to get you back into shape and moving properly the way your body should.

For my money, I only want the best to help me achieve my goals, and Jo-Ann, with her Masters in Pilates, simply is.

- Alberto C.

I have been learning Pilates with Jo-Ann for almost 2 years. I use the word "learning" because Jo-Ann is a gifted teacher with a vast repertoire of knowledge to share. Jo-Ann has advanced expertise and cognition of the Pilates model yet has taken it to another level uniting mind, body and soul in her training technique. Jo-Ann is pioneering new ground in rehabilitative excersize. Her creative use of visualization to help clients connect with their muscle groups is transformative on many levels. A focused , controlled mind is a balanced body. I feel a release in tension stored both physically and energetically after a training session with Jo-Ann.

I have also done Reiki with Jo-Ann. I feel connected again after one of her sessions. It is like becoming the eye in the centre of the hurricane in our often harried lives.

She is an intelligent, supportive, heart felt woman yet also a whole lot of fun! I highly recommend her and wish her much continued success.

- Karyn Chopik, Karyn Chopik Studio

As a chiropractor, I can truly appreciate Jo-Ann's proficiency of the body. I first began training with Jo-Ann to help me with my posture. I am always bending forward at work and find it is hard on my spine and shoulders. Working with Jo-Ann has helped me more than any other exercise regime. It has kept me pain-free and has given me more awareness of my body and posture. Pilates has increased my overall strength and core stability as well as my flexibility. Work-outs with Jo-Ann are always challenging and fun and filled with a variety of exercises.

Jo-Ann is a one-of-a kind, master certified pilates instructor and I have absolute confidence recommending her to my patients. She has the ability to help people of all levels find balance and harmony in their bodies in a safe and effective manner. There is no one that I would trust more and we are all lucky to have her here in the lower mainland.

- Dr. Lana Patterson

Jo-Ann is extremely knowledgeable about the body and has reached the highest level of training within the pilates community.

Pilates has improved not only my body but my life. Feeling strong and connected to my body has brought me inner strength as well as outer strength.

After a great pilates session with Jo-Ann, I feel grounded and strong. It has been a pleasure training with Jo-Ann. She is an excellent instructor and spends the time to make sure the exercises are executed correctly.

- Janice Cameron

Jo-Ann is one of the most creative people I know. Over the years she has introduced many new exercises into our work, but she has also kept the "old" exercises fresh, relevant and always more intense by revising the ways in which she talks me through them......short spine takes more abs, hamstrings, and inner thighs than it did 2 years ago! She is also knowledgeable enough to be able to work with me even on those days when I arrive with parts of my body operating at less than 100% because of the other sport I indulge in and the little mishaps that take place in the course of daily life. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in keeping their body supple and strong despite the toll the rest of life takes on it!

- Mei Lin

Jo-Ann is a great and inspirational instructor who really knows her craft.  I was able to greatly improve my core strength through exercise & breathing exercises. This made a huge difference in my sports.  I would highly recommend Jo-Ann to anyone looking to improve muscle tone, or to strengthen their core muscles.

- Willy G

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