Why Active Rehabilitation? 

  • Break the cycle of pain
  • Restore function and improve mobility of injured areas
  • Use specialized equipment that supports your body while gaining strength  and flexibility
  • Teach your body to move from a strong core to reduce the risk of re-injury.

What is Active Rehabilitation? 

Active rehabilitation sessions expanding on Pilates principles helps develop subconscious awareness of motor skills and places a strong emphasis on pelvic floor and shoulder girdle stabilization. All exercise address abdominals, low back and gluteals for core stability as well as spine articulation. Upper and lower extremities are strengthened and retrained.

The purpose is to retrain the neuromuscular system to base its reactions on the most economic movement, while drawing from a strong structural foundation. The result is improved neuromuscular technique, better body mechanics, improved posture, relief of tension and stress, reduction of joint strain and improved mobility during movement.

Special attention is placed on safety, cueing and appropriate exercise selection for each client. The goal of your program is to help you understand the phrase “core stability” This new knowledge of functional movement can be incorporated into activities of daily living. Since the routines are catered to your individual needs a workout will have truly individual components.

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